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The Hobart College of Music

141 Elizabeth Street Hobart

Terms and Conditions

Standard Music Lessons

1. Lesson fees are charged at the full individual fee of $33 unless you are pre-paying for your lessons in the bulk 5 or 10 pack.

2. Any student who does not pay for their lesson on the day of their tuition will be billed for their lesson and charged a weekly account keeping fee.

3. If you fall behind more than 4 payments you will be charged the full fee of $33 per lesson.

4. If you miss more than 3 consecutive lessons in a row you will forfeit your lesson time and will need to re book at a more conveinient time to your schedule.

5. Lessons must be cancelled outside the required time frames to avoid forfeiting your lesson fee.

Lessons Monday to Friday - 24 hours notice

Lessons Saturday - 48 hours notice

6. Semester packs must be paid for by the students third lesson for the disount to be available.

7. Lessons must be cancelled outside of 24 hours to receive a make up lesson for semester packs.

8. Lesson fees are non transferable and non refundable.

9.Educator Cancellations: If your educator needs to cancel a class, a make-up lesson will be scheduled. If this is not possible, then a credit will be given for the missed class on the following semesters account.

10.School Holidays and Public Holidays: The Hobart College of Music does not hold classes during the school holidays or on Public Holidays. If a public or school holiday falls on your lesson day then an additional lesson will be offered

Music 4 Kids

Payment for lessons is due on the day, no accounts will be given.

Behaviour: A Parent or guardian must attend all lessons and are responsible for their child’s behaviour.

Lesson Attendance: Students are required to arrive 5 minutes before the commencement of their lesson.

Attendance of Non-Enrolled Siblings: It is best for all concerned when you can give your full attention to your enrolled child. Please do not bring siblings unless they are content in a pram or stroller or are accompanied by another adult.